About Last Night…


Yes, it is all caps and bold because I am in my feelings!

** Disclaimer** This blog is my thoughts how I’m feeling at the time…I am not depressed nor have I stopped living. This blog is to simply get my feelings and thoughts out about this thing called life at almost 40 & not being where I planned to be at this age. But I promise I am not close to the ledge LOL!

Now back to the regularly scheduled program!

If you have been following my blog the whole 2 weeks I have been blogging then you will remember in my first post I said sometimes the blog will be about the fact that being single isn’t that bad and sometimes it will be about why being single sucks!

Well, today people here comes a post about when single life sucks.

Last night I went to see Floetry…first of all I was so hype when I heard they were reuniting because I am a fan and have been since day one. And the show was awesome but this is not the point.

The point is my feelings and me living in them last night.

Going to concerts with friends is always a good time but there are just some concerts you are like dang wish I had a boo. Floetry is one of them.

I was literally sitting across from a couple!!! WTH City Winery like for real ask if it’s a single ticket or for a couple when we purchase ugh!! Don’t put me at a small table with a couple directly across from me…who does that??

Songs like Floetic, SupaStar, and Mr. Messed Up you can rock out to those.

But umm when they start singing Say Yes, Lay Down, Getting late, Opera & Marsha had the audacity to sing Your hands…come on respect the single people!! Got me  wondering, hoping for a boo and then reality hits…You don’t have one, not even a prospect SMH. Again being single sucks!

Hilarious to me!! And I do have a fridge woot!! LOL

Hilarious to me!! And I do have a fridge woot!! LOL

In my usual way I had to bring myself back…so I started to see the positives. I was able to buy my ticket to the concert, I was able to buy dinner before the show, and I had a car that got me there. Yep, I’m single but as the people say I am blessed and highly favored. And really at the end of the day life goes on so I am almost ready to step out of my feelings…maybe by lunch time.

But if I’m being honest even with all of that said…boo single life. LOL!


Almost 40



  1. Eric D. Gordon · July 8, 2015

    Fantastic blog… Can not wait for the next post.


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